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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Comes First

Dear Friends, 

Christmas merchandise is already being displayed in store windows. Has been for several weeks. 
Thank you (sarcastically) Major Retailers, for bringing the stressful part of the Holidays into focus 'way too soon.

I love Thanksgiving. 

Our Family (all 38 of us) gathers together Thanksgiving Weekend for our Annual Gift Exchange and Reunion. It is the highlight of our year and, for us, the official Start of the Christmas Holiday Season.

But Thanksgiving kind of gets lost in the midst of all the Santa Claus hype. 

So this postcard brings with it a request.
A Campaign to let Retailers know that we would like them to cease Christmas marketing and advertising (and to let Radio stations know that we would like them to cease playing Christmas music) until AFTER Thanksgiving is in the works. It has been brewing for several years, and is now beginning to bring a little success.

 Nordstrom's  has already agreed...

If you are with me on this, would you, Please, blog a little blog (or post a little post on FB, or tweet a little tweet on Twitter!) to let your friends know about this. Many Suggestions for how you can do this can be found here:   Thanksgiving Comes First

Feel free to link this blog to your posting.

Thanks, everyone!
xoxoxo, cd


  1. WooHoo! Thank you, CD!

    (Nice touch asking about Twitter and so forth. I didn't even consider such stuff, being the dope I am.)

  2. I didn't notice any dopiness...are you hiding it somewhere?

  3. Good to see Suldog's word spreading.