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Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Shutdown

Hello, Good Buds!

First of all, I know it isn't Summer yet (and I think Summer may not arrive in the Northeast at all this year).
Regardless, the busy days that the Season brings make it difficult for little ol' me to keep up with 3 blogs, so "Postcards" and "Graphic JAM" will go into slumber mode for a while.

You can still find us at "xoxoxocd"  (  ).

So drop on over, and follow us there, where you will see :

Watercolors and acrylics

Upcoming Artwork:  "Maggie's English Garden" and "Cliff View"

More 'Art by Nick',

Highlights from the Femino Family Art Show and Auction to be held July 9, 2011
(You really don't want to miss this!)

Funny ancedotes and videos, a joke or two, and Family Updates will also be included!
See you all at "XO!"

xoxoxo, clare

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you and ready for summer with your new deck. BBQ's and suntans. I can picture you in your chaise on the deck.